Organizational Theory – Apple
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Apple is a global giant whose success has been built on outsourcing to a range of other organisations located across the world. How can different organisational theory perspectives assist us in acquiring different understandings of Apple, its organisational networks and influence? In this essay you must use at least two perspectives to analyseApple.

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Organizational Theory – Apple

Organizational Theory: Background

The perspectives studied here would help in analyzing the Apple’s organizational structure and the effect that these have on the company. We study the applications of these theories in the company’s organizational policies. This would help to understand in detail the characteristics that have the company to become such a successful company in the technology industry. This would also help in clearly identifying the company’s managerial functions and employee management policies that have played such a critical in company’s success. (Daft, R.L and A.Armstrong,2009)

Introduction: Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the renowned multinational companies of US. It is the most valuable company in the world and also the most profitable as well. The company is considered to be an industry leader in designing innovative products and being a path leader in technological revolution. The company is well known for its Macintosh line of personal computers and also Ipods, Ipads and Iphones during more recent times. The company’s fortunes changed when the founder of the company Steve Jobs tool over the reins again in 1997.And many of the company staff who have worked with him, consider him responsible for the successful run that the company has had ever since. (Alan Deutschman, 2000)(Colvin, Geoff , 2009)

Classical and Environmental perspective of organizational theory

The classical theory is explained very well by the period of industrial revolution. The period was known to concentrate on the theories of efficiency. This perspective explains the application of the concepts of scientific management and the approach to encourage increased production along with increased efficiency in operations. The period was known to produce theories and applications that would support the concepts of lean management in a work place. However in comparison to that the environmental perspective focusses more on the behavioral part of the organization, and the concepts related to increasing employee satisfaction at the work place. This would involve developing and implementing policies related to employee motivation and increased productivity through that. However the gist of both of these policies is to make the organization more successful and profitable. The basic fundamental behind these policies is to achieve the end result of attaining the targets and the goals set by the top management of the company while at the same time aligning with the mission and mission principles of the company. (Andy Hertzfeld ,2004)

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