Organizational Culture
Genre: Management

You are to research and prepare an academic essay on the following topic: “To be successful in their role, it is an important skill for all managers to have the ability to manage organisational culture.”

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Organizational Culture


Organizational Culture  assignment is aiming to identify and critically evaluate the skills required in a manager to be successful in their role. One of the primary skills which have been identified for this essay is their ability to manage organizational culture. Organizational culture can be very critical for the performance of the organization and a manager can modify and develop the organizational culture in a way that it enhances the performance of the organization and productivity of each employee to an optimal level. In this essay it would also be discussed how organizational culture can impact the working style and individual productivity of an employee and how important it is for a manager to align them in a positive manner. This is a secondary research essay for which an exhaustive literature review is done using different books, articles, journals,peer reviewed articles, online publications etc.


A manager role is a role with multiple responsibilities and area of influence. A manager is required to ensure that different units of the department are working in smooth coordination with each other and he is also required to oversee the entire business process and its integration with the organizational goals and objectives. As it is an existing concept that high motivational level of the employees are helpful in development of an organization and its work culture the example of Infosys which has achieved the employee motivation by developing a knowledge management system for its employee’s has emphasized the practical application of such systems in an organization. The company was able to reduce its cost and error percentage dramatically which clearly states that development of a robust knowledge management system is not a theoretical dream but a practical application for the IT industry Wang (2006, p.143).They were not able to reach this feat without continuous efforts from the origination’s HR managers as well as top leaders of the company. System placed in an organization reflects on the impact it creates on the strategic achievement and changes it might have on the organizational culture.

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