Organizational Culture – Google
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Organizational Culture – Google

Organisational background

Google is one of the world’s most recognized brands and has been hugely popular since the time internet boom has happened. The company is US based and it provides various internet based platforms and cloud computing platforms where in they have established a platform for themselves and at the same time they have started with Ad Words platforms that produce almost all of the revenues that they are getting today is from this platform that they have.

The company is founded by Sergy Brin and Larry page and they hold more than 16% of the total shares. They have started this at a small level in the year 1998 and they have grown to a global giant in no time and have gone public in the year 2004. They are head quartered at California and aims at providing knowledge universally to all the people in world thus giving them easy access to information, an important proposition. The company started its operations with its search engine and suddenly given the market visibility that they have got in the initial years and they have diversified their operations by means of a number of tie ups and acquisitions that has made the one of the most reckoning forces in the online space. They soon increased their product offering to other things also such as the instant messaging and photo editing tools thus providing the customers with  a whole set of options so that they don’t have to go to any other brand (Kaplan, 2008). They have one of the largest data centers that are located in various parts of the world and at the same time they have continuously worked on improving their data management capabilities and currently they can handle more than a million search requests a second. They also have improved on their database building thus have managed to handle more than 24 petabytes of user generated data every day. They have a good brand image and are one of the most renowned brands as per the BrandZ Survey. With the popularity that they have they have also managed to get a rub off effect on the associated websites. They also had their fair share of controversy from various quarters on the issues of data privacy, knowledge infringements and censorship issues.

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