Organizational Culture
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1. ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: All organisations have different cultures. As a manager, what values, norms or behaviours would you focus on to create a productive, motivated and harmonious organisation culture? Why? Use actual examples to demonstrate these approaches in action.

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Organizational Culture

Organization culture is the culture prevailing in an organization and which is formed of the basic belief, values, mission, vision and organizational goals of the organization. In general, values and behavior in any organization contributes to the overall culture prevailing in the organization. Influence of organization culture can be seen in every function of the business. All the organizations give high importance to the culture prevailing in the organization because of its criticality and its impact on the employees as well as all other business functions (Willcocks, 2011). Thus complete business is dependent upon the organizational culture as it governs the behavior and values of the employees working in the organization. Employees at every level from top management to the lowest level of employee are influenced by the organization culture.

There are several paradigms which are influenced by the organization culture such as:

1. The employees and the management are influenced by the organization culture and thus behaviors like ethical behavior etc. prevails in the organization.

2. The way an organization treats its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholder also constitutes the part of organization culture.

3. The internal environment of the organization and the business process as well as its safety issues are impacted by the organization.

4. The freedom given to each and every employee in the organization while expressing his views and ideas is also a major part of the organization culture.

5. The marketing communications and the PR communications as well as the messages designed for marketing are highly influenced by the organizational culture keeping the organizational goals in mind.

These are some of the major influences of organizational culture in an organization. The company culture pervades in every corner of the organization and thus it has influence on each and every member of the company (Roy, 2008). It is highly critical for the organization to maintain its culture throughout and consistent. Organization culture change is a very long and complex process which should be carried in the way beneficial for the organization as well as employees.

The organizational culture has major impact on the employees and the way organization works. The approaches taken by manager and the behavior demonstrated by the manager have large influence on the employees (Rumpel, 2006). Organization culture flows from top to bottom and thus the culture demonstrated by the top management in the company will flow in the deep down roots of organization. For example, Infosys which is leading software service provider firm has values of ethics and strict code of conducts. These codes of conducts are being religiously followed by top management and thus employees are compelled to follow same path. In fact the employees are treated respectfully in other companies as well as because of their strong imbibed values and beliefs.

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