Organizational Behavior
Genre: Management

ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE: All organisations have different cultures. As a manager, what values, norms or behaviours would you focus on to create a productive, motivated and harmonious organisation culture? Why? Use actual examples to demonstrate these approaches in action.

About the Book

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior can be defined as a set of those norms, values, behavior and beliefs which the organization has accepted in its regular functioning and which can be generally seen when organization makes decision or takes any actions. The organizational culture becomes a assumption in the mind of the employees of the organization while they are doing their work and give them guidance on how to proceed with their tasks. It is very important for an organization to survive in the competitive world that its organizational behavior is compatible with the surroundings or the external environment in which the organization is working. This is because if the organizational culture is not aligned with the requirements of external factors then the organization is bound to collapse sooner or later. For example, for an organization which had been working in a highly regulated and protective market, if the market is suddenly opened for other players by the government, will face severe problems to survive if the organization doesn’t adapt its organizational behavior with its new external environment. Within the organization, there are four important touch points which can have effect on the organizational behavior. These are Leadership, People, Structure and Systems and it means that if any one of these four important entities within the organization is altered, it can have effects on organizational culture (Becker 2001, pp. 76-89). Thus we see leadership is very important for an organization to have a productive, motivated and harmonious organization and the managers in the organization are responsible for creating such culture through their leadership qualities.

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