Online Voting
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Describe the benefits and risks associated with online voting ?

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Online Voting

Executive Summary

In this report, we are analysing the benefits and risks associated with online voting process.Online voting process is the new age process of voting which utilises the technology available with us in today’s world and tries to leverage it for the voting process. We have given a view of how the system has been adopted by Switzerland and Estonia at the beginning even when some countries have reported a failed test pilot for the same.

We have also encapsulated and analysed the various advantages and disadvantages associated with the implementation of online voting. Among the major advantages of online voting process if the reduction of costs associated with manual conduction of elections in subsequent years which means that the benefits will only increased as multiple elections are carried out in coming years. Also, of importance are the convenience and the comfort and the feature of multiple voting being provided to the voters which changes the way that they vote and they decide. This will lead to better decision being made by the voters. The online system also reduces the risks of mistakes in invalid ballots and so on which help the voters to ensure that their votes are counted.

But, the lists of risks or disadvantages are also high in online voting. The primary and the most important risk is the security risk of taking the most important activity of a democracy,which is voting, online. Online systems are open to virus and malware attacks and are prone to hackers. To keep such a system safe when the stakes are so high makes the online voting system a huge risk in terms of the impact that an online rigging happens. This also raises questions about the ethical analysis of the system with respect to the people involved in pushing this process and their conflicts of interests like the political class. The report also analyses the other disadvantages like access and the fraud and vote coercion possible in case of online voting.

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