Nestle Case Study
Genre: General Awareness

A well written report covering the case study given:? Problem identification, ? Situation analysis and ? Possible solutions to the case questions ? Support relevant theories.

About the Book

Nestle Case Study


Nestle as an organization has been rated always as a highly successful global consumer products company across the world. Nestle is a worldwide leader which is known for manufacturing products which are as diverse as chocolates and cosmetics. There have been a number of different aspects which are related to Nestlé values as well as working practices which all relate to its relationships with its very own employees. This all include showing respect for diverse cultures of employees working in Nestle as well as encouraging all of its employees to embrace the Nestlé way of working. Nestle is now a far cry from the organization which was originally created for fulfilling the basic need of the society to help newly born infant mothers who could not breastfeed their newborn babies. With this underlying commitment to long-term future outcomes which will not be given away for short future motives, Nestle as an organization has been going through multiple of changes going over the years. This complete case talks about change in strategy by Nestle and their keen interest in Mergers and Acquisitions. We also talked about how they coped up with the change factor due to this strategy. We looked at various aspects of the change and suggested key recommendations for different implications arising from these changes (Hall & Willman 2000).

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