Negative Impacts Of Text Messaging
Genre: General Awareness

Has the text messaging changed the way we communicate in a negative fashion?

About the Book

Negative Impacts Of Text Messaging

Negative Impacts Of Text Messaging indicates to the effects of text messaging on persons all around the world.Text Messaging can change the way of communication all around the world.The first and foremost change that has been seen in the language is the use of very informal language when communicating with anybody be its parents,workplace colleagues or even bosses at work.


Language has undergone much metamorphism through the ages. The language has been modified as per the changing times and new words added to the vocabulary as and when they have been widely used by the public. There have been many reasons under the various changes made to the language like the globalization. As an example, let’s take the English language. As the world has become more integrated and connected, the English language has undergone a sea change in the way that it is written and spoken around the world. Many local dialects of English have come up across the world and the language is spoken in much more variety of ways than before. This is true of many other languages, but none more so than of English. Looking at it from a perspective of a language and not just of English, we can see a change is language as a whole over the years. One of the greatest origins of change lies in technology. When the written communication was limited to letters, the way that letters were written involved a lot of lucidity and politeness with not much restrictions of spaces of the number of words to be written. This did not change the language as such.

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