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Ques. The argument that illegal file sharing is, on balance, beneficial, is fundamentally flawed as it is based on a number of misconceptions about the music industry and the impact of illegal file sharing. In short, illegal file sharing is the single biggest obstacle to the growth of new legitimate business models for online music distribution and more broadly the continued growth of music, both essential for the 'continuation of culture' that Adam Sauer 1 endorses in his article 'Legitimising Web-based Music Piracy'. 2

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Music File Sharing Assignment help

File Sharing And Internet 

File sharing is the process of allowing multiple users to give access to any information which is stored in a digital format in multiple servers located all over the world. Internet is used as the medium of information exchange in file sharing all over the world because it is universally present, easily accessible and highly cost effective in nature. Files which are generally shared using internet are software; multi media based files, word documents, books, electronic form of information, links of different websites etc.  All though there are different modalities of file sharing in digital world like using removable storage media or using hyperlinks in the documents. Most commonly used method of file sharing for music and videos is peer based point to point sharing through a distributed sharing network. They also use centralized anonymous servers located in different parts of the world. Historically there were various attempts to develop a file sharing system like removable media of storages, FTP servers or internet relay chats etc but in real sense music file sharing was conceptualized by Napster in 1999 when first form of unstructured peer to peer networking took place. A peer to peer network is a very simple and amazingly effective system of file sharing where a centralized server is used just to identify and discover different users with multimedia files and bring them to a common platform where they can share files (Peoples, 2012).

Initially there were many legal complications which attacked Napster because lot of music companies sued the company for spreading and sharing of music without legal permission from their copy right holder companies. These cases destroyed Napster as a company and it was shut down by the court but it conceptualized a great idea of file sharing and there were many small to medium sized companies that entered in the music file sharing business. More advanced and dynamic version of P2P sharing were emerging like lime wire and bit torrent sites. A torrent site is a collection of many users which can act as a seed, peer or leech depending on their statuses. A seed is the user who is feeding the files which are being downloaded by multiple users. A peer is a person who simultaneously downloads and uploads files so that he can act as a conscious downloader and helps in spreading of the sharing network. A leech is a user who is just downloading files and such type of users are discouraged by the peer network. The entire system is a self fueling cycle where seeds and peers are encouraged and provided with a greater seed. As more number of peer and seeds would join the network it will grow in a exponentially mode. Currently biggest name is file sharing business using online network are websites like pirate bay, mega upload, shareza and rapid share etc. some of them are even shut down by the court of law and some are currently fighting litigations against music companies (Saroiu, 2002).

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