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The work of modern universities is becoming increasingly dependent on technology.Choose two of the four perspectives (modernism, symbolic interpretivism, critical theory or postmodernism) and examine how these perspectives provide us with different insights or understandings of the impact of technology in modern universities.

About the Book


The essay critically examines and analyzes the recent change in the modern universities becoming over dependent on the technology. How the globalization and Information & Communication technologies (ICT) are shaping the future of higher education. With the advent of information age and internet era, the medium and pace at which the information is exchanged, shared and analyzed has increased multi fold. Medium of e-learning, barriers of physical space, personal interaction and class room are removed. Since the reach has become global and the form learning has changed, it calls for the evaluation of how this form of learning actually contribute to building the skills and competence of an individual that will go in world to solve the problems of tomorrow. Hence it puts greater responsibilities on the shoulder of universities before they pursue and adopt a particular technology in its management. It can be to manage internal operations, or impart the knowledge on student or part of knowledge management and talent management software. The intention behind it is to provide the simulated environment of the actual world students will face when they go out in the corporate and join public or private jobs. One of the recent example to describe scenario can be organization are doing away with emails and outlook that consumes lot of time of individual and are adopting internal social structures like Yammer and so are the universities for higher education’s are trying to adopt to similar culture.

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