About the Book

Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs was proposed by Abraham Maslow in year 1943. Over the period of time this theory has been developed as one of the main theories forming developmental psychology as a subject of psychological sciences. According to this theory
Maslow states that human growth and development is divided into different stages and each stage represents a particular set of needs which becomes priority of the person at that time. There are five stages proposed by Maslow namely physiological, safety, love/belonging, self
esteem and self actualization. This theory is often portrayed in a pyramidal format where in the base of pyramid basic needs of a human being like physiological needs (food, air, water etc.) are kept indicating that these are the basic needs which is desired by a human being to fulfill. Once these desires are fulfilled then a person moves to the next level of desires like after fulfillment of physiological needs a person would move to the needs of security and after that needs of belongingness and love would be fulfilled. Top most level of this pyramid is self actualization where a person wishes to become something what he actually desires. This level is a continuous level where a person just keeps on going in the search of finding his true potential and doing what he considers as the true meaning of his existence.

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