Use Marketing Theory (from your textbook or e-journals) to identify the relevant criteria to use when describing the people living in this post code area. Use search terms like, ‘demographics’ and ‘geodemographics’. Include a brief summary / justification of which variables you will be using in your report.

About the Book



The objective of this report is to understand and classify the demographic details of the residents of a particular postal address. This would help us understand the potential of the area in terms of the investments and the type of property that is there in that locality which can help us in deciding the future investment options of Alpha development group in this particular locality.


The report aims at understanding the demographics of the residents who are residing in 3215 postcode. This would be further segmented to understand the future investment options of Alpha property group. There are different suburbs within this post code hence we also aim at understanding the demographic profile of each of these suburbs and find the differences between them.

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