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Marketing Strategy


Marketing strategies can be explained as the activities undertaken by an organization so that its limited resources can be used in a optimal manner to reach out to the maximum customers and leap forward in process of attaining the marketing goals and objectives of the organization. in this assignment we would be presenting marketing strategies for a natural non sugar sweetener product by name Truvia. This product is number one table top sweetener products in USA and it is also available in many countries like Canada, European Union, Mexico etc. now it is target consumers markets of Venezuela and other South American countries. In this marketing strategy we would be primarily focusing on the techniques adopted by the marketing professional to target their customers and gain a comepteitive advantage over its competitor (Homburg, 2009).


Before starting with the marketing objective it is prudent to develop goals and objectives of marketing strategy. This would help in developing marketing strategy. Currently USA have 50 million consumers and out of the 43 million were added last year. This year’s marketing goal includes

  1. Addition of 50 million new customers in USA through brick and mortar as well as online channel of distribution.
  2. To obtain at least 50 percent of the 60 million dollar Venezuelan market which is opened recently?
  3. to ensure that rest of the markets like UK, France, rest of EU etc. are growing through a healthy rate on a year on year basis.
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