Marketing Assignment

1) Which companies/products have successfully used Social Media for promotion .

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Marketing Assignment

In Marketing Assignment I am going to tell you marketing concepts of companies.There are multiple examples which have used Social media for promotion. First one is Nike. Olympics is present in the greatest sporting event. With millions of people who are watching it all over the world, there has been a fierce competition which is among big companies which are sponsoring the event. Nike’s social media campaign which has been aimed to counter their other arch rivals, which is Adidas. Nike also started #findgreatness hashtag so as to counter that of Adidas – #takethestage. The results have been overwhelmingly in the favour of Nike. They have been able to generate more than 16,000 tweets which associated with the word Nike as well as the Olympics, compared to 10,000 mentions of Adidas in the same context. Nike has been able to attract 170,000 new Facebook fans when compared to Adidas’s 80,000.

Other social media example is of Cadbury. Their way of celebrating the one million Facebook fans has been no different. Cadbury has realized that 17% of their Facebook followers have actually went with content which has been posted by the company on the face book page. This will help them launch a social campaign which will engage readers with the content they have posted, as well as they used the occasion which is celebrating 1Million Facebook fans as the platform which is used for launching their new ad campaign which is aimed at engaging readers. Cadbury have decided to build a huge Facebook thumb with symbol having pieces of Dairy Milk products, and worked on to test their social followers to see how they would respond.

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