Marketing Assignment

Aim: to describe and analyse the micro and macro environment from a marketing context.

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Marketing Assignment


We have taken up this report in order for Mr. Dalkin to understand the important factors that he must take care of while setting up his café to build up a successful business venture in the long run. The factors would help Mr. Dalkin understanding the intricacies of the market and the consumer behaviour of the target audience that he wants to have. Also he would also get a basic idea about what kind of product offerings he must be having in his restaurant in order to make it successful in the long run. So we have tried to understand and study the tastes of the target market by asking relevant questions pertaining to that in our questionnaire. Also we have got to know about their nationalities, since a lot of the consumer behaviour also depends on the nationality and the culture of the place that the consumer belongs to.

We have also taken a perception of the target segment regarding the local places to stay and how they would judge them. This would give us an idea as to where other players in the industry are going wrong and where we can focus on to improve. Also if some player has been very successful because of some reason, we have also tried to find that out. Moreover we also get a view of the competitive market in the industry and how we should deal with them. The strategies that must be created to differentiate yourself from the other players and to have a unique value proposition for the consumers to come to our café.

We have gone about doing our task in a very scientific way and we have performed the entire cycle of gathering the customer response by getting the questionnaire filled, analysing that information and then interpreting this response to get the correct information out of these. We have also answered the questions that were given to us and structured our analysis based on that. (Lukas, B.A., 2004)

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