Marketing Assignment

Your analysis should be between 600-800 words . You might need to do some research of Current marketing Business.

About the Book

Marketing Assignment


The business is a local coffee shop in the city. It is located close to the offices and the schools and colleges. The café serves a variety of coffee delicacies on its menu and various other types of fast food options. It also has a take-away option for people who don’t want to sit and have the coffee in the café itself. The ambience of the café is that of a very cool place and it encourages people especially the youngsters of the campuses to hangout in there.


The current market activities of the café are aimed at building their brand amongst its major target segment i.e. the youth of the schools and colleges and also from the corporate world. They have done this by making the ambience of the café very light with the music playing in the background that suits the taste of these youngsters. Also the waiters in the café are also young and educated who can easily gel with such a crowd (Kotler, Keller, 2012).


The market segment of the café joint are the students of the schools and colleges and also the young people working in the corporate world who like to hang-out at the café and do their business discussions as well. They are also interested in the take away option offered by the café where in they can carry their drinks with them and have it whenever they want to. The students of the schools and colleges think that it’s a cool place to hang-out and meet their friends while at the same time enjoying some fast food along with coffee.

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