Market Research

Students develop a marketing research proposal for the product or service. The group is required to write a formal report for the client that outlines all aspects of the research process.

About the Book

Market Research


McDonalds Corporation is one of the largest fast food chains across the world where they have a presence in over 119 countries and has started in the year 1940 in United States. Fast Food industry is one of the booming industries which have seen tremendous growth in the last two decades. The competition in the market is increasing and there are many local vendors that also compete in the market for a spot. McDonalds have been establishing their brand all over the world and their customized menus for different countries have resulted in them being one of the most loved brands. The report aims at making a market research on their new breakfast additions that they have made to their menu in emerging nations like India and China. When we look at the Indian market, the people are used to their traditional breakfast items and the company aims to have a paradigm shift in the customer behavior introducing them to the English breakfast habits by offering these dishes at a cheap price. The company is looking to change the attitude of the Indian consumers and the method that they have adopted for the same has been by making it easily available and competes with other local dishes in terms of price (Crouch, 2003, pg 99).


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