Market Research

You have been hired as an independent consumer behaviour research consultant to complete a consumer behaviour research report on behalf of one of the listed organisations (your choice) in relation to a new product or service from that organisation (you make this up). That means you are to identify the selected organisation and the new product/service that has been devised, research identified consumer issues relating to the new product/service, collect primary data investigating consumer responses to those identified issues and make strategic recommendations based on this analysis and drawing logical conclusions.

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Market Research


Bulgari Australia is the manufacturer as well as retailer of luxury goods like jewelry, expensive watches, Male and Female accessories, expensive gifts, leather made goods, premium fragrances and related skin care products. Bulgari on the whole operates 42 companies as well as 293 retail stores which reside in Europe, North America, Australia, China, Japan as well as the Middle East. Bulgari works for designing as well as manufacturing of products related with jewelry, gold jewelry, watches, fragrances, cosmetics, silk and leather accessories, porcelain related stuff, silver artworks and crystal showcased items. Bulgari is operating in two business segments which are hard luxury as well as soft luxury. The hard luxury items which include expensive jewelry-premium watches-leather accessories (JWA); and soft luxury include fragrances as well as cosmetics.

Bulgari was first established in Rome, Italy in 1884. Bulgari at first looked only on its native market, but then realized to start expanding internationally at first the 1970s. It started with opening new retail stores which were set up in New York City in New York; Paris in France; as well as Monte Carlo. Bulgari operates in 4 business units which are jewelry, watches, accessories as well as leather related goods.

This segment’s jewelry product consists of rings, different faiths, premium necklaces, pending as well as earrings along with bracelets, jeweler twins and related chains along with and leather straps. Bulgari has some jewelry related brands under his belt in this segment which is Parenthesis, Tubo gas, Bulgari, Astral, Allegra, Elisa and Monologue exclusively for rings.


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