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Market Principles

Marketing Principles Assignment gives us a strong understanding about marketing .In Marketing  We can learn how to communicate with customers standing in front of you and the first objective of a businessman  is he want to know what customer want from him.

There are various services which are associated with a manufacturing company like Apple. It has maintained a software and media ecosystem so that it can help to drive purchases of  iPhones and associated devices. But over the years, all of these software and services side of the business has become increasingly important, and have become a core part of product offering like iPhone.

Apple makes huge amount of money from software and services which include sales of Apple apps which are running on iPhone devices, iTunes music which can be downloaded on the iPhone, subscription service revenues for magazines or other associated services on iPhones and more. There are few services like iCloud which is about saving files on cloud services of Apple and iMessage which is a free messaging services across iPhone Devices, iTunes Match for transfer of files associated with music and other cloud-based offerings which aren’t doing great but still forming a major part of the service and product bundle. There are also other services like iTunes Store media sales, App Store downloads, iBooks which are electronic forms of books exclusively for iPhones, licensing programs such as the “Made for iPhone”, accessories which are made up for iPhone and AppleCare which is support program for servicing and spares of iPhones, brought in $9.37 billion in revenue for Apple overall in fiscal 2011, plus $4.47 billion from accessory sales.

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