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Mandela Speech

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Level of Impact

(eg; Educate




The speech by Nelson Mandela was given after the liberation of South Africa. The speech was an address to all the nations on the rise of a new culture in South Africa and at the same time it was inspirational to all those who were a part of the freedom struggle.
Opening Statements

(eg; Approach



Clear intent)

The opening of the speech is very formal but at the same time it gathers momentum. The speech needed such a structure mainly because of the fact that it was an address which would be keenly watched by people across the globe, so it had to be formal at the beginning.
Speech Structure

(eg; Logical




The speech is more formal in nature with examples and instances being used. The instances that are being used makes the speech engaging and Mandela did not miss out on the important factors that contributed to the cause.
Closing Statements

(eg; Concise



The closing statement clearly announces the arrival of the nation that once struggled to prove its existence in the Global map and gives hopes to all the incumbents.
Technique Used

(eg; Enthusiasm


Visual Aids


The speech was simple and clear in terms of presentation without much of the on stage gimmicks used to get the attention of the public. It was impactful mainly because of the importance of the occasion and at the same time the gravity of the words being used
Physical Presence

(eg; Posture




Mandela exudes confidence and is enthusiastic while delivering this speech. Postures and gestures to the public though made in a formal manner shows the struggle that he and his people have gone through in reaching this important milestone.
Use of Voice

(eg; Volume




Voice Pace and pitches has been used effectively to stress on the struggles that they have gone through and mandela stresses on the importance of carrying forward the good work and ends the speech with an impact.

(eg; Articulation




Though instances and examples were being used throughout the speech but it was more or less foral in nature.
Main Theme

What was the main theme contained in the message?

The occasion was the liberation of South Africa and hence The theme was to pay tributes to all those who have worked for the same and setting the vision for the nation.
Overall Impression

What was your view of the speech

This speech gains attention mainly because of the context in which it was given and it essays the struggles that they had to go through and it is also portrays the visionary that Mandela was.
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