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Managing Organization Change


Managing change is a difficult art that most of the managers fail. This would require good planning , a long term vision and a good understanding of the business to make sure that all the factors that may affect the business is being considered while implementing the change. In this case Mr Chan who has taken over the company is planning to train the employees to be multi skilled that can improve the flexibility of the organization and also would improve the productivity and work satisfaction of the employees. There are some obstacles that he would face in the due course of implementation of the same which would be discussed along with the ways in which these would be dealt with to overcome the same.

Chane Management At Ground Level

Change is planning to train his non salaried employees with different skills so that they can flexibly work on different teams and at the same time the management would also get many benefits like better emp0loyee performance and retention of employees for a longer duration. But given the situation, there is a definite resistance that they are going to face from the employees mainly because of the fact that any major change in the organization is likely have some issues from the employees as they are used to working in a particular fashion (Newman, 2007, pg 67). This is also because of the fact that the employees would be forced to acquire new skills and they will be monitored closely while this change occurs. All these changes make them skeptical towards any major change in the organization. One another thing that needs to be noted here is that these changes would be made on those employees who are not in the pay role of the company thus they would not be too serious in implementing these changes. Before making any change of this sort in the organization that would require a massive change in the set up, management should first inform the employees and take their consent.

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