Management – Inequality In Business Organization
Genre: Business

1.Is it possible for managers to reduce inequality in business organisations?

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In Management Assignment help we discuss about the inequality that inequality in the organizations can be reduced by the managers but there is a limit to which they can work towards it. Managers have the authority to take actions, frame policies and change the culture of organizations and if they have willingness to work towards it; the inequality in the organization can be reduced (Konrad, pp. 9). In the first section I would personally differentiate the discriminations in two types and show that due to the responsible behavior of the managers that the inequality has been reduced to the current level from the level it used to be few decades ago. If one compares the inequality of today with inequality of past years, it will be found that there is a substantial positive change in this direction. But one should also remember that besides being socially responsible organizations have also the duty of performing well. In the second section, I would explain that how there is a limit to the initiatives which the managers can take for such causes as beyond a point, it may hurt the performance and profitability of the organization. However there is still a great degree of inequality in the organizations based on gender, age, ethnicity, disability which must be worked upon by managers. The third section would describe the steps which the managers can take to reduce the inequality in their organizations. Finally, I would conclude with my views that managers can reduce the inequality in the organizations but only to a certain extent beyond which it will hurt their organization performance.

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