Management – Goal Setting
Genre: Management

Assessment Task 2: Interview with a manager on goal setting and organisational skills.

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Management – Goal Setting


Management principles are must for every company to be successful in the cut throat competition. Every company has to structure the business functions and organize the approach of doing work. Management principles are highly important in making the business flows as well as processes much more efficient and effective (Kulkarni, 2005). Management principles are not only important for managing business functions in organizations but it is also used in maintaining the motivation of employees. The managers in the organization thus plan to have conduct goal settings in the organization and thus this strategy helps in evaluation of the performance of the employees (Shepherd, 2009).


The company considered for this assignment is Topsun group which is based out in Chinese Wenzhou province. The company is into manufacturing of solar powered lights and other equipment. The Topsun group is considered as a successful manufacturing company which has many certifications and quality assurance credentials which makes it as first choice in the market. The topsun group is headed by Wang Chonghuan who has over 30 years of experience in industry. The topsun group comes under small and medium enterprise and thus the manpower strength of this company is not very high. The chairman of the company is Wang Chonghuan who has been interviewed for this assignment.

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