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Management Of Computing Resources


The state of Gilliardania in Australia has recently created Education Commission. This commission has merged a range of education authorities following reorganization of state and commonwealth government powers. And the commission mandate is to administer all levels of education from pre- school to university.

As the every government and organization goes through the challenging times, education commission is no exception. With current level of government budget deficits and global financial crisis, it has all the more reason to focus reducing the cost in IT Training and supports to make it lot more cost effective.

Training and support activities in IT are of paramount importance and government would never want to do away with it as it will help undergird efforts to transform economy. The only objective is to ensure that since all the various educational institutes have come under one roof , instead of making each training and support plan cost effective, start from the scratch and make a comprehensive training and support plan for all of them. Also, we need to ensure that it is not being outsourced to third party to increase competitiveness as the aim is to develop inhouse team and program that caters to our need.

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