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The importance of managing workforce diversity for today’s managers is critical for organisation success. The role of organisational culture in developing an inclusive organisation environment that embraces and takes advantage of the organisation’s diversity cannot be underestimated. Do you agree with both of these statements? Discuss.

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Management Assignment

Management Assignment helps us in understanding the concept of managing all the activities related to employee hiring,staffing,controlling and many more in an organization .Management of any of the organization plays a key role in development of that organization.


Managing diversity for any organisation refers to a multitude of management issues as well as activities which are related to employee hiring & effective utilization of resources which are from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The topic which is about criticality of managing work force diversity for today’s managers & how important is the role of organisational culture in developing an inclusive organisation environment which effectively embrace & takes advantage of it. This can be stated from the fact that if we observe the trend for the Work force demographics for the multiple nations of the globe, we can easily make out that diversity management is on the main list of agendas of Company leaders throughout this decade (Rajput, et al. 2013).

Diversity can work as a sustainable Competitive Advantage for any organisation. There are multitude of areas which can help an organisation work force diversity is managed like cost, employee acquisition, internal & external marketing, innovation & creativity, critical problem-solving & Company flexibility towards diverse work force (Wilson 2000).

When we check the views of leading consultants, academicians as well as organisational leaders, they all have put across their views that businesses need to respond to all of these trends with an “enclosed diversity” approach. They should develop a well-managed as well as diverse work force which will hold a highly competitive advantage for them as an organization. In this essay, we will check for arguments & research data on how much diversity is critical of any manager & how organisational culture is important for creating a diverse organisational. We have also offered suggestions which are needed to improve Company capability required for cultural diversity enhancement & growth (Stoner & Russell-Chaplin 1997).

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