Management Assignment
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Claims that management’s pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness have been at the expense of labor’s welfare are not valid

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Management Assignment


The author is writing this essay with the aim of putting forth his argument that the claim that management’s pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness have been at the expense of labor’s welfare are not valid. Till now there have been various theories on ways and methods of improving over all output as well as quality of output in order to increase companies performance that have been penned down by management gurus basis practical experiences and studies. All these theories when put into practice have put forth the fact that the pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency come from the efforts and sincerity put in by employee and not just by the person sitting at the top at managerial level. Moreover, the presumption that to increase output employees need to put in longer working hours as well does not stand true. Putting in longer working hour more or less contributes to increase in stress levels as well as detoriating the quality of living of the employees. All these theories suggest that there exists better ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness of employees that do not put at stake labor welfare.

                              In this essay author shall discuss the various theories in which labor welfare can be improved and how motivation and developing innovation abilities contribute in improving efficiency and effectiveness of employees in order to achieve desired outputs time and again. The argument is supported by Bowey (2005) which mentions that motivating factors such as increase in wage, recognition and other factors boosts employee morale and encourages them to work for better. In this essay author intends to present the fact with detailed arguments that creating motivation and innovation between all the employees does not have a single unique way. For increasing efficiency and effectiveness, every person has his or her own set of things that motivate them to perform and hence as per various management theories, its not just money, salary, increments or performance incentives that push people to work better and similarly its not just a good work culture and environment that can make employees work better. This is where management’s decision of rolling out incentive plans fail to make all perform and succeed to make a few perform extremely well (Caldari (2007). To argue on the topic that claim that management’s pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness have been at the expense of labor’s welfare are not valid, author shall discuss the concept and requirement of bringing in efficiency and effectiveness in work in order to increase output of companies performance. How motivation affects performance and what can be the various motivational factors that appeal employees. He shall base these on various management theories that have been presented by management gurus and also present the steps taken by management towards this cause. In the end author shall conclude the essay with his view points in brief.

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