Love Sex And Death
Genre: General Awareness

What difference does we are going to die make to the way we should live our lives?

About the Book

Love Sex And Death

Love,Sex And Death Assignment helps us in understanding the art of living life.Death is the end process of birth. When the person is born he knows that one day he has to leave this place and death will be end of it. What person does not know is when he is going to die. That makes the environment uncertain. We all are social human beings who are rationale in nature hence we take the average and most often scenario in most of the cases. Hence we try to average mortality age in the society try to plan our life accordingly based on natural death age. We fairly assume that we fall in the average part of the bell shape curve and hence fix in mind approximate age of death (Malpas & Solomon, 1998). But there are always outliers and life not necessarily falls as we have planned. In this essay we try to describe how knowing that we are going to die makes a difference in the way we should live our lives.

When the baby is born there is a kind of life that planned out by its parents for next twenty – twenty five years about the school he should attend, sports he should play, city to live in and kind of values to live. Once the person becomes independent after 18, he makes his own choices and plans life for next 40-50 years on kind of job or business he wants to get in for the economic activity, kind of friends he wants to hang out with and person he wants to marry or date around for social activity, and he also decides on kind of hobby or personal ambitions he wants to achieve for the personal satisfaction. Over the course of years in his life, above mentioned activities and its priorities changes based on the each individual. Sometimes person becomes too much carrier oriented and business mind with aim of sacrificing today for the better tomorrow, or at times love and marriage takes a priority to have lifelong companion for the rest of life. Every individual has his personal ambition, interests and likings that he strives to get better at during the course of his life. All these planning and execution rests on one simple assumption that the end of life will be somewhere around 70-80 years of age. Which is true in most of the cases. But there are always outliers and incurable disease such as cancer that strikes a person at any age everything just changes in flash of a second. All the planning and priorities starts meaning nothing. It’s like you are driving a car with a family and you are left with very little fuel out of nowhere and rest has just evaporated. Driving priorities changes to taking it to the nearest gas point, driving it on the speed that gives maximum efficiency, avoiding traffic and saving time. Same is the case with life. But the question is should not you be driving the car at speed that gives maximum average. Similarly should not you be living a life that you always wanted to live even if the death is coming tomorrow? Before we try to answer this question, first we need to understand when person knows about the timing of this death,why does he change?

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