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Literature Review

Enterprise System 

Enterprise systems are large packages and modules of software and IT enabled systems which are used for automation of business processes and workflows. These enterprise systems are used in almost all the business functions of an organization such as Human resource management,supply chain management, customer relationship management, and financial management etc. thus simplifying need of business as well as organization and making them much more productive as well as efficient. Enterprise systems are designed to make jobs and tasks of business much more easy as well as accurate1. Chances of fault or mismanagement are very less as all the processes are taken care by enterprise systems. Enterprise system is considered to be boon for all small, middle and big organizations as they are meant to increase the productivity of individuals as well as complete organization. Innovations are being taking place everywhere for automating more and more business process of the organizations and thus many enterprise systems have been developed by different IT (Information Technology) companies.

The objective of this literature review is to analyze the prospect of enterprise systems in organizations. Implementing enterprise system is a very costly affair for any company and thus thorough research and investment plan should be made2. This literature review will help in analyzing benefits of enterprise system with respect to type of organization.

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