Genre: Management

Students will be required to prepare an individual research paper addressing a major leadership theme from the text. This task seeks to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of organizational leadership as distinct in practice and design from management.

About the Book


Leadership is one of the most hotly debated topics in management studies, social psychology and organizational psychology (Pfeffer 1993). There have been various research on differences of responsibility between manager and leader, and also there have been discussion about various styles of leadership such as authentic leadership, transformational leadership, transactional leadership (Bass & Avolio 1995) that are being used by different set of people. In the 21st century, with arrival of information age, we have seen organization and businesses becoming truly global. Companies are exploring talent and competence throughout the world. With opening of economy of various Asian and European countries, new markets have opened and companies now want to explore these markets to expand their businesses. Hence it has given rise to the new form of leadership called global leadership. Since there is lot cultural factors that a truly global leader needs to consider such Social structure, Values and attitudes, Religion and customs etc. hence a truly global leader will face lot cross cultural challenges and needs to have strategy to address such challenges. In this essay, we are trying to answer the research question, what are the cross-culture challenges faced by Global Leaders and ways to address those challenges. I start this essay with a review of various literatures on answering this question, then I move on to discuss implication of the leader today and conclude this essay by enlisting certain behavior traits that leaders need to adopt based on the country is operating and leading in.

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