Leadership development
Genre: Management

This assessment requires students to create their own leadership portfolio and action plan. Through discussion and analysis of leadership traits, styles and behaviour, students will have an opportunity to reflect upon their own leadership capabilities and incorporate these into an action plan.

About the Book

Leadership Development


According to Leadership development Assignment .Leadership is a universal phenomenon which is described as a process of social influence in which organization of the group of people is required to achieve the common goal (Burns, 1978). There are many theories on leadership traits, leadership styles and these traits and styles vary from one person to other. Leadership is ability to adapt to the changes in the environment and support in maintaining the internal health of the organization (Northouse, 2010). The future of the group or the future of the organization is highly dependent on the type of leadership style adopted along with leader’s vision, behavior, traits and values.

The effective leadership includes efficient planning and effective synchronization in the group. The leader influences people, and the character, scope, scale and intensity of organizational changes are highly influenced by leader’s behavior in initiating, energizing and implementing change (Gallos, 2008). The successful changes begin with the vision of the leader and the capabilities of the group along with market position, competitive situation and the financial performance of the organization. The leader focuses on the people and does the right thing, the common activities of the leaders include planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The leader devises the strategy and empowers people along with motivating and inspiring them to bring the change.

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