Leadership Development Plan
Genre: Management

A 2000 word report to your teacher that describes your strategy for improving your leadership skills. In other words a Leadership Development Plan

About the Book

Leadership Development Plan


Leadership is a trait which helps a person to organize people around him and make them work towards achieving a common goal. It is necessary for someone to have a leadership quality in general which includes business management. In business management to achieve the goal of the organization, a successful manager must be having the qualities of a successful leader. (Adair 2005, pp. 34-37) Thus it is very important for me to analyze my current personality with respect to the leadership qualities of a successful leader. This will help me understand where I need to improve for becoming a good leader and acquire the .traits of successful leaders. This report will help me analyze myself for my leadership qualities and help me know what I should do to become a better leader than today.


Leadership theory states that a successful leader is one which can manage human resources under him optimally and organize them to achieve the objectives of the team. There are many roles which a leader has to play in various situations which he has to face. For example a leader must have a vision and plan for the team, he must be willing to take calculated risks, he must lead the team by example, he must acquire the confidence and trust of his people, he must inspire and motivate people at various times, he must emphasize with them and ready to solve their problem and many more. If a leader can have such characteristics it makes people around him to willingly follow him and help the organization achieve its objectives (Martlew 2004, pp. 23-25).There are various other theories which have been proposed by the experts like ‘Great Man’ theory which believes in that leadership traits are inborn in a person and come naturally to some people. Many people are not firm believers of this theory as they think the necessary traits for a leader can be acquired by a person if one believes firmly in doing that. The other interesting theory is ‘Contingency’ theory which proposes that the traits displayed by the leader in a given business environment is dependent on the situation in which the team is currently in. This is because a leader has to show only some of his traits in a given situation but a successful leader knows when to show which trait of their leadership quality. This is where a successful leader and not so good leader differ most in their behavior. (Horner 1997, pp. 270-273)

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