Leadership Development
Genre: Management

A 1400 word report to your assessor (your tutor) that describes your strategy for improving your
leadership skills. In other words a Leadership Development Plan

About the Book

Leadership Development


In this report, I have tried to improve upon how I should groom myself to be a leader and How will I become a more contributing employee to my organisation. My drive and ambition needs to sulk into my leadership ability making me more diverse and flexible leader

The Study Program at RIMT has given me a unique perspective which will allow me to pursue my career goals at a very high pace. I haven’t grown only academically but personally also. This major has offered me a wide range of courses which helps me to broaden my perspective and will help me to seek a potential join in financial industry which I always dream to be in. This all when included with Leadership skills development will help me to develop a high focus on my interest in the financial industry. This will prepare me to develop a specific focus on my leadership qualities.

Leadership Definition

My personal definition of the concept of leadership development includes multiple components of the same.Firstly when we look at leadership, it needs to be positive and desirable and also should have an ethical dimension to it (James 1994, pp. 96-97). Secondly, great leaders always show a genuine concern about their followers help them with all the tools and training necessary for them to excel (Herbert, pp. 127-41). Thirdly, I have always believed that I can fit in the concept of the twice-born leader, in which individuals who have faced multiple challenges in life always garner a greater intent towards gaining leadership greatness at the end. Leadership can be defined as a mix of relationship, a straight process, and an influence on self and others (Paparone & Crupi,2004).


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