Leadership assignment

Identify an issue or problem that has direct or indirect relevance to organizational leadership from the reputable business media.

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Leadership Assignment

Leadership Assignment gives you a strong opportunity to understands the meaning of leadership.leadership comes from a word ‘Leader’.and leader is a man who leads the whole team to gain the common goals of any of the organization. well. For the current paper of analysis for the leadership issue faced in the organizational context of Thailand’s NGO has been taken in order to understand various leadership issues faced by the organization (Van et al, 2007). Thailand’s NGO named ‘Thai Institute of Rural development’ (THIRD) has been selected in the present context in order to explain the issues faced and its relevance to the leadership style followed by the top management in the organization. THIRD was established with the purpose of rural development and being a third generation NGO it does not only work in the village but also work in the urban areas. THIRD works with the help of network established from monks, teachers, NGOs, doctors and academicians in order to develop an effective learning model in the organization.

Present paper would highlight the issues faced by an organization in specific context to the organizational leadership. Present paper would first provide the summary of the issue faced by one of the major NGO working in Thailand and an in depth analysis would be carried out in order to understand the issue confronted in the organization from leadership perspective (Blumer, 1995). Hence overall present paper would showcase how problems faced in the organizational context are related with the leadership style adopted and way in which these issues leadership affect overall situation confronted in the organizational context.


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