Law And The Internet
Genre: Internet

With reference to appropriate cases and other materials discuss the proposition that parental and self-selection strategies are preferable to censorship or filtering of content distributed over the internet.

About the Book

Law And The Internet


Restricting and controlling access to the Internet by the means of filtering software has become a growing industry in the U.S. and other places. Its use has augmented as the obligatory response to the current plagues of society, specifically, pornography, violence, hate, and generally, anything seen to be unpleasant or intimidating. On the legislative agenda is the restriction of access to any Web sites that talk about drugs, without distinguishing advocacy from technical and informed analysis of addiction.With the rise of an efficient creationist movement dedicated to the removal of evolutionary theory in the prospectus, it is to be expected that attempts will be made to bound access to sites presenting technical evolutionary theory, in certain jurisdictions in the U.S.

In this paper, the different strategies incorporated within existing filtering programs are briefly described as well as the obvious content issues on the Internet that inspire their use both in private and public contexts. Underlying this inspiration is a mixture of political and social pressures to take an action against the real and perceived problematic Internet content. This inspiration has manifested itself in anticipated and enacted legislation and also several lawsuits. Some of these are reviewed and serve to bear the present viewpoint against the obligatory use of filtering programs in libraries and community centres among other communal places.


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