Language Developement
Publication Year: 2012

The article discusses how to practice and develop excellent writing skills and language. Go through this article and learn how to improve your language.

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Language development can be explained as the process of learning, reacting, acquiring forms and means, linguistic inputs through which an entire communication medium can be developed. There are various experts with different opinion on the development of language process. One aspect on which all experts agree is the fact that language development is a process which is initiated at the juvenile stage of a human being and learning’s which are made at that stage are the strongest form of learning for a language (Bornstein, Hahn & Haynes, 2004).

One theory which are comparing is known as nativist theory which is forwarded by Noam Chomsky. According to this theory each individual or children have a particular device which helps them to acquire a language. This device is called as LAD by Noam Chomsky. This device mentioned in the theory enables a child learner to continuously try and speak the words in a particular language once vocabulary is learned by the child. He believes learning a language is a very unique type of accomplishment by a human being and it cannot be done just by linguistic inputs gotten by the hearing of a person. There is much more innate mechanism which determines the language learning process of a child. This theory is one of the dominating theories of entire language development science.

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