KM Strategy At IMEL
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This should include a brief explanation of the company and the IMEL, and identify the overall objectives of the organisation and IMEL specifically (after all this is to what you assess the company’s desired and current state against in the “gap analysis”). You do a reasonable job of this but could improve by clarifying your use of terminology in places.

About the Book

KM Strategy At IMEL

Executive Summary

IMEL property group is a real estate developer in Australia that is into developing commercial complexes, multistory apartments and townhouses. The essay aims to analyze the company in terms of its people, processes and technology competency. To identify the current state of the company, data is collected by interviewing the higher management and middle management of the company for which the questionnaire is attached in Appendix 1. After analyzing the current state and where the company wants to position itself in future, knowledge and strategic gaps are identified in terms of people, process and technology. Once the gaps are identified and analyzed with respect to the sector and industry company is working in, recommendations are made on what should be the development undertaken by the company to reduce its strategic/knowledge gap.

IMEL property group is a real estate marketing company which helps real estate property developers to market their properties and get as many as customers as possible. Ideally, real estate developer’s core competency is about the innovating and building sound structures such as Commercial complexes, Townhouses, Multi-storey apartments that are aesthetic and luxurious in nature. But the bigger task is to position and market such properties to the targeted customer with clear communication strategy such that intended message is received without noise. Noise is the unwanted message and interference that is communicated with the brand signal. In case of IMEL group, for e.g. THE QUAY project of IMEL property group which comprises of two residential towers, is a luxurious project and when details of the project is to be communicated to target customers, focus should be on amenities and not price as luxury residence buyers are not price conscious.

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