About the Book

Key Decision Analysis


There are Different ways of looking at the world. This produces different kinds of knowledge and hence, give ways to different perspectives come to be come up and get associated with theoretical concepts and academic theories. This has been the case with multiple perspectives like modern, symbolic-interpretive and postmodern perspective. When, we apply the concepts and theories of a specific perspective, it will help us to give us distinctive as well as thinking tools so that they can draft ideas about organizations and organizing. Depending on an individual, any specific perspective can help us better understand the situation and apply our knowledge. Hence, higher knowledge anybody has of multiple perspectives, of concepts as well as theories it will help us in getting a useful approach so that they can  deal with the different situations organizations face. We have taken the case of Future Ready program of Australia Post and analyzed it in different perspectives (Jencks 1977).

Modernist Perspective

Under Modernist Perspective, Organizations are defined as real entities which are present in real world. They are defined and managed by systems of decisions of rational thoughts as well as efficiency and effectiveness norms. Australia Post happens to one of the same kind. We have selected transformational change happening in Australia Post to be analyzed via Modernist Perspective. Australia post is Australian Government Company which is in the arena of Logistics, Parcels Business and Banking. We have tried to critically analyze the work of Australia Post and in which competitive environment it is functioning.  We have tried to identify the scene and different organizational issues due to which Australia Post has initiated its Future Ready Program, what is Australia post Future ready program and what all actions are being implemented in Australia Post. In Future Ready program, they are trying to work specific actions and what all changes are being tried by Australia Post so that they adapt to these difficult challenges (Australia Post 2010).

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