Job Analysis
Genre: Management

Describe how you would conduct a job analysis in order to find out about the KSAO’s (Knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics) needed of these specific, two new design engineering positions. You should justify the decisions you make and methods you select in this case with reference to the scientific literature.

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Job Analysis


Job analysis is one of the most crucial steps in recruitment and selection. A job applicant can be judged and recruited only on the basis of capabilities which are needed for that specific job. Thus job and tasks has to be genuinely identified and the requirements for that job completion have also to be identified. This is known as Job Analysis where a particular job and work is analyzed on basis of few parameters known as KSAOs. These parameters are as follows (Neehy, 2001):

1. Knowledge: The concepts, technical facts and literary information needed by job applicant for the job accomplishments are Knowledge.

2. Skills: Desired expertise and trained capabilities which involve use of equipments.

3. Ability: Completing a task and efficiently completing a task are two different opinions.This difference is known as ability which tells about proficiency needed in job.

4. Others characteristics: Several other characteristics are also needed in job like attitudinal and behavioral characteristics of applicant.


Job analysis will be done to identify KSAO for both the positions of CDE and JDE. There are certain CDEs and JDEs in company who work in similar technology manufacturing The Battron.They will prove to be very helpful in identifying KSAO for current roles in The Lightning.

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