Joanna International Market
Genre: Marketing

As a Product Development Officer (International) for the ‘Holden Barina Product Line’, you are asked to develop a comprehensive market diversification proposal for the compact and small car market either for India or China.

About the Book

Joanna International Market


The companies look at expanding the markets and hence the sales by moving into the international locations only when they find that the local markets are saturated. One of the best things that these companies can do is that they can look at the local markets and understand the customer perception and the buying behavior and then place the product in such a manner that it is attractive to the customers. While entering a foreign market they have to make sure that there is a proper marketing plan in place thus making it easier for them take decisions and present the product to the customers in an attractive manner.

In this report we will be looking at the international marketing plan of Holden Barina while their entry into the Indian market which is one of the most potential markets for the car manufacturers these days. The company is based out of Australia and doesn’t have a great brand visibility or recognition in an emerging nation like India. They have to make sure that they give the customers an attractive proposition to present so that they have a chance of a competition in the foreign market


The main objective of this report is to prepare a marketing plan for Holden Barina as they are planning to enter the Indian Market. This has to be done in association with all the other departments which would make it clear to them on what is expected out of them in the long run. Since the brand doesn’t have much of a recognition in this country they will have to work on building a brand image and create appealing propositions so that they can compete with established players in the market.

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