It strategy Assignment
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In this assignment; you will write a research essay based on a review of literature on IT strategy topics. The assessment is intended to develop your capability to understand IT strategy theories, frameworks and concepts.

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IT Strategy Assignment

IT strategy has become instrumental strategy in today’s world to be competitive in the market.To understand the concept, we need to understand what strategy is and what the concept of business is and how it has evolved over the time. The basic economy activity in a country is about producing goods or services and all the activity centered on it are called business processes. As the country evolves from the developing state to the developed state, economy of the country primarily that depends on agricultural moves to industrialization and manufacturing and finally settles on service industry. And as the evolution progresses all the business processes centered on economic activity also goes through the transformation. Land, labor and capital are termed as factors of production, because these were the necessary factors to start a business.

For a business, when Information Technology was not in business production (Operation) and sales are primarily driving a process that generates and delivers the business value. While Finance, HR where considered to be the support processes. Since the information age, in last two to three decades, information technology has changed everything in and around the business. As mentioned, the basic role of IT strategy was to streamline other business processes and provide support to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, but the technological innovation and breakthrough have transformed the business in such a way that point of sale for a business has been shifted from the retail outlet to the mobile phone carried by the customer.Strategy is the detailed plan developed by the organization on how it will reach its desired goal.When business plans to develop an IT strategy for the organization, first it needs to identify the intention behind implement the IT strategy.There can be various reasons why business is try to improve or implement the IT strategy viz. Increase customer sales through web and mobile channels, cut operation cost and increase efficiency, use of forecasted models and supply chain IT tools to avoid uncertainty, to improve the internal as well as the external communication in organization, to reach out to wider market etc.

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