It Is Possible To Have Ideology Free Knowledge
Genre: General Awareness
Publisher: LOCUS RAGS
Publication Year: 2012

The book deals with explanation of the terms knowledge and ideology and there interconnection. The author has tried to answer questions like; How ideas affect knowledge? How ideology influences society? much more and finally, Is it possible to have ideology free Knowledge?

About the Book


What is knowledge? There are innumerable theories that explain what knowledge means. However, putting it simple, knowledge is being familiar with something. Knowledge involves three basic process: – acquiring of knowledge, growing or enriching the knowledge and then scattering the acquired knowledge among others. Therefore, it is not only essential to gain knowledge but it is equally important to know how to use the knowledge in more ethical way, because knowledge has a vital impact on any individual’s behavior and action and hence on the economy and the society. In fact we use knowledge in every aspect of our lives. From birth of a child it data starts getting poured in humans through which knowledge is created.



The term Ideology refers to collection of one’s ideas that plays a vital role in dictating his actions and forms his ambition (Eagleton, 1991). Person has some goals and expectations. And when we accumulate that goal and expectation to produce different ideas then we term it as ideology. Ideology may be referred to as how we see things. It is something which some believe and some does not believe (Billig, 1982). For examples there exists political ideology where in the parties set two different dimensions which are the goal or how society should work and the methods to achieve those goals. It is a human perception to look at things, generally build by the dominant class and enforced on the other members of the society.

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