Is Workplace Surveillance Ethical
Genre: General Awareness

An essay on Is workplace surveillance ethical?

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Is Workplace Surveillance Ethical

There are no specific laws which regulates employers on workplace privacy issues; however, some aspects of privacy that arise during employer relationship are governed by some federal laws. Federal privacy act regulates the access to information and collection of information for federal employees and also includes private employers who posses federal contracts who are required to follow certain record keeping obligations. With the advancement of technology workplace surveillance has become more and more complicated. Although different types and sizes of firm have welcomed surveillance to protect company’s intellectual knowledge, there is a general argue about ethicality of installing such surveillance at workplace. This advancement in technology though advantageous to the employer may cross the ethical boundaries that may affect the privacy and dignity of employees.

Installing such employee monitoring systems has led to a feeling of insecurity, distrust and pressure. During work hours such kind of insecurity and pressure may affect the overall performance of employees which may in turn affect the performance of the organization.

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