Introduction to Marketing
Genre: Marketing

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of marketing theory and practice by comparing the marketing approach of two companies in relation to key concepts discussed in week 1-6. This assignment requires you to integrate marketing theory and company activity to demonstrate an understanding of key marketing concepts.

About the Book

Introduction to Marketing

Industry Background

The industry chosen for this report is the automobile industry and this industry is dependent upon the product quality, superior design and effective marketing campaigns. Marketing plays an important role in spreading the awareness of the product of the companies. Without marketing efforts and effective media campaigns, the product as well as brand awareness would be insufficient (Solomon, 2004). The marketing campaigns also display the benefits and superiority of their models and thus it helps during the buying decision made by customers.

Company Background

The companies from automobile industry which are used in this report are Benz and Toyota. These two companies are most reputed automobile companies in the world with world class models (Foxall, 2005). The quality of the design and marketing techniques are different for both the companies. They both are for different genres but hold a unique brand image in the mind of customer.

Product Overview

The models which are used for the comparison are Mercedes GL500 and Toyota Land Cruiser. Both the models are world’s best SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). The basic characteristics of the target segments of both these companies are relatively same because of the feature of these car models.


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