Introduction To Management
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Transformational Leadership has had a profound impact on leadership research for over 20 years. Recently the approaches of 1) Ethical Leadership, 2) Authentic Leadership,and 3) Behavioral Integrity have been proposed to highlight ethical issues in organizations.

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Introduction To Management


Leadership is one of the most discussed and researched topic in business as well as politics. There have been various forms and styles of leadership that have emerged over past several years and each leadership style has its own pros and cons attached to it. But the ultimate goal of any leadership is to “Organize a group of people to achieve a common goal”. Leaders use various means to organizing people. It can be done by giving incentives, by fear, by motivating and showing optimistic picture, by influencing them. As (Schermerhorn, 2011) quotes, “Great leaders get extraordinary things done in organizations by inspiring and motivating others towards a common purpose.” Hence Transformation leadership has seen a profound impact on the leadership. I start this essay by defining and discussing few aspects of transformation leadership. Further I explain similarity and differences of recent approaches of ethical leadership, Authentic Leadership, and Behavioral leadership with Transformational leadership and how they address issue of ethics in organization. I conclude this essay by it is not a single leadership approach but the combination of all that is required for transformation leadership that will help build an ethical organization that is self sustaining. Being authenticate and integral in his behavior will constitute for a leader to become transformational, and with ethical leadership will help a transformational leader resolve conflicts of ethics in his organization by adopting and communicating clear set of values.


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