Introduction to Management
Genre: Management

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Introduction to Management

Q1. Outline the major challenges of working in today’s workplace. Which of these elements do you think is the most challenging? Be sure to justify your answers. (5%)

There are multiple challenges which make a workplace unpleasant to work. This can cause stress to employees. This will make the workweek not bearable and make them stressed on the thought of working in such an environment. Understanding workplace issues helps us how we can improve the atmosphere present in workplace. Using basic etiquettes and common sense, multiple of issues at workplace can be avoided. The most important issue which exists at workplace is office bullying (Schermerhorn, 2011, p. 132). Employees will feel pressured by a group of employees or one individual to not take part in regular reporting or work in illicit manners. He might bully them that their career will be at stake if they don’t cooperate. Bullying can also be of the nature of sexual and physical exploitation, illicit work at workplace, and even cause violence. Although employees rarely look to be arrogant or vulnerable, it is necessary for anyone that office bullying should be immediately reported to higher management and strictly handled. If management of workplace is not giving heeds to plea against bullying or is the part of bullying, they should connect to top management, if needed (McCabe & Pavela, 2004, p. 14).

One of the major challenges, which are very annoying also, is Gossip. On one hand, It’s understandable that co-employees are interested in each other’s lives; as there workweeks continue to stretch more than 40 hours. Any co-employee will connect with their colleagues more than any others in social circle. Gossip can come up about multiple sensitive issues, for example, a co-employee’s failing marriage, or any ongoing romance between two co-employees at workplace. This can have destructive effects on the atmosphere and create a huge negativity in the minds. To remove office gossip, it is necessary to curb private any of individual related overheard conversations or specific talks of other co-employees. It is also needed to stay out of gossiping with others. If deemed necessary, co-employees should be reminded that none of them who are gossiping about others will enjoy becoming the subject of gossip (Ho, 1987, p. 64).

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