About the Book

Interview skills of detectives report is describing and critically evaluating the interviewing skills of a detective who is investigating a crime incident. Interview skills are evaluated using Griffith’s question map (GQM). Interview is listened in audio transcripts.
Interview skills of detectives in question are very extensive and exhaustive in nature. He is experienced in extracting information from a interviewee. He is starting open ended questions to the interviewee and letting him provide information about himself. Entire interview is having a peculiar quality of automatically guiding the next question and interviewee is providing all the critical information without much of the instigation (Kassin and Fong, 1999). According to GQM map some of the questions are probing as well in the interview but they are properly disguised and mellowed down by some routine and irrelevant questions as well. Interview is divided into different components as well like getting general information about the victim, then moving towards specific information which is needed by the detective. Some component of interview includes cross checking of information as well which are used by detective to find out the
authenticity of answers given by the interviewee. There are some closed ended questions asked as well which can be answered straight in yes or no. These questions generally have a strong legal involvement and their answers can define the charges on the culprit of a crime. In this interview detective asked these questions during opening of the interview and at conclusionary ends of the interview. Some questions are also close ended when interview came to specific junctures. For example at one point detective clearly asked the interviewee if  he  knows for sure that victim was a 13 year old girl and he understand that she is a minor. When he said yes he knew she was 13 year old that acted as a juncture in interview where it was determined that he interviewee will be charged for indecent exposure to a minor (Dick, 2002).

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