Interviewing Assignment
Genre: Management

. Draw an organizational chart showing the interviewee’s position in the hierarchy. Indicate on the chart the person who you interviewed.

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Interviewing Assignment

Source: Dictation by manager (Mr. Anderson) during the interview

Mr. Alan Anderson is the account manager in this small advertising agency named Adages. His role is to handle the client accounts at any point of time. He is the face of the agency for that particular client. He would be responsible for any interactions that the client wants to have with the company. So if the client has any complains with regards to the services that they are getting, he would be the person who would be informed about it and it will be his responsibility to rectify the discrepancies. On the other hand, he is also the person who would sit with his internal creative team and explain to them the demands and the requirements of the client. So he should be able to convert the business language of the clients into the creative language that his team would understand. He reports directly to the Director of the company and he has a creative team that reports to him as well as the director also.

When I met Mr. Anderson, he was very open talking about his goal setting behavior and also mentioned that it was very important for him to set appropriate goals for himself as well as his team and how goal setting has helped him manage the difficult task of handling the client and his internal team at the agency.

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