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International Relations Theory

Part A – Is the importance that Realism places on prudence in Foreign policy making justified?

 Realism is one of the oldest theories in International Relations and is basically concerned with the study of international politics. Realism is based on the premises that all human beings act according to their self-interest. This very stance has been taken to the next level and the primary actors in the discussion of realists are nations/states in the world who are concerned about their security, and thus act according to their national interests.  So basically Realists call the international system, anarchic.  This very foundation leads to prudence in foreign policy making and Realists firmly believe in this. Realists are justified in adopting prudence while making foreign policies as evident in the following arguments.

Realists can be divided into two groups on the basis of how governments, rational in nature, protect their security. Classical Realists believe that governments try to increase their power as much as possible by attaining more resources, which make them more confident of their security. The other group, Neorealists believes that the states/governments don’t have to run after power to increase their security. This argument shows the importance of foreign policy making, even if the reason behind the policy making is ignored (Keohane, 1986).

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