International Marketing Plan – karicare
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The project involves the development of an international marketing plan for an actual company. In general, the international marketing plan will involve the development of a strategic plan for a ‘real’ company that is considering (a) entering a new country, or (b) considering the entry of a new product/service to an existing international market, or (c) both.

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International Marketing Plan – karicare


The company is Nutricia which is based out of New Zealand and its presence is also in Australia. The majority of the products of the Nutricia deals with the infants’ nutrition as well as for the children who are just about to leave breast milk as their main source of nutrition. This company is a well known name in the country of New Zealand and thus it was not a difficult task for this company to enter into market of Australia (Schultz, 2008). The majority of the target segment of the products is mother of the infants as they are the decision maker in this case. This company is highly proficient in research and development of the nutritional products and also this company is known for its quality delivered in the form of superb nutritional products.

The partner so this company is mainly the supplier and distributors groups which are spread in different part of New Zealand as well as Australia. Distributors play a very important role in the success of a product apart from marketing and product qualities. The product should be readily available to the customers so that the competitor’s brand don’t get chance to get over the brand of Nutricia.


The most popular product of Nutricia is Karicare which is Milk Powder Company and is majorly for the babies who have left breast feeding. This product is highly successful product in this sector in New Zealand and following the same success as well as growth in the market Australia too. The pricing of the product is also appropriate and thus the selling of Nutricia Karicare is very high in New Zealand.

China – Business Scenario

China is the foreign country where this company wants to enter and make place in the market of the baby milk powder. The choice of China as a new country for entry is highly appropriate because of many reasons like growing economy, growing population, growing standard of living etc (Wang & Tanaka, 2011). These are the major criteria which will help the company to grow its market in China. The entry of Karicare is with the same existing product which is highly successful in the market of Australia and New Zealand. Thus the market entry is with existing product but in a new country. The content of the product is not getting changed thus majorly the international marketing plan needs to be considered carefully while launching in the foreign country (Yang, 2008).

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