International Business Management
Genre: Business

Assessment in this Unit consists of three linked assignments. Between them, they assess all components of
the Unit in as realistic a manner as possible.

About the Book

Executive Summary

In International business Management we know about the management of business which take place between two or more regions,countries or nations all around the world.The company on which the report is based is Neon which is cosmetic manufacturer based in Melbourne. It has been operating in Australia for 25 years Neon has its consideration to enter into South American market, and the manager has kept his eyes on Chile. This company is a small to medium enterprise having 45 employees. It is also having a turnover around $30 million dollars with 20% profit rate. The analysis of this assignment is based on the company’s current functional structure including human resources, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, sourcing and manufacturing. So to broad the business internationally, the company has appointed the international director having a strategic role, overseeing the international  business and activities of the organization. The company is undertaking innovative approach to their business and trying to keep the market trends by regularly attending the trade shows and also global beauty markets. In this way the company accesses to the latest trends. The company’s approach going internationally would be a success upto an extent.The functional structure has also being optimally utilized by Neon. As Chile is a adventure island along with having nature beauty so its environment as well culture would be different and accordingly the company can decide about going internationally inn Chile. This would result from having an appropriate international strategy.

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